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Games/Disco Parties

(Based on 2 hour party)

  • Children will have time to dance around to the music playing and get comfortable with their surroundings before the party starts.

  • Your party host will introduce themselves to the children and get them into the party mood.

  • An ice-breaker game (such as corners or musical statues) will be played.

  • Your party host will introduce the birthday child and make sure they are made to feel special on their big day!

  • The birthday child and their guests will play 20 minutes of party games (this will include pass the parcel unless specified otherwise by the team or you)

  • There will then be an organised dance activity where the birthday child and their guests can join in an organised dance such as ‘Superman’ or ‘Purple People Eater'

  • Around this time there will be a break for party food and cake (this will be provided by you unless specified otherwise)

  • When the cake is brought out and lit for the birthday child, your party host will play Happy Birthday and encourage your guests to sing and make a fuss of them.

  • Once most people are finished with the party food, if Face Painting or Party Snaps have been included in the package, they will take place now, so that children can finish their food and join in activities in their own time.

  • The birthday child and their guests will play 15 minutes more of games.

  • There will then be a disco activity including a dance competition and fancy dress competition (if applicable). This will give any children the opportunity to take part in Face Painting or Party Snaps if they didn’t before.

  • At the end of the party, a special goodbye will be said to the birthday child and music will be left to play until the guests have left.

Please note - If you have booked a character appearance, this will take place before the children eat, so that they can enjoy being sung to by their favourite character before blowing out their candles.